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Retailers Are Selling Emotions But Some Are Missing The Point

Retailers and service providers are selling EMOTIONS, and not products or services? Yes, read that loud again, and it means just that! Insurance is best known for this; you fear you’ll ram your car into a wall someday, so you cover it to feel confident. In a nutshell, it’s a proven fact that emotions sell way more than reasonableness.

And by the time we’re done here, you’ll know how every retailer is selling emotions to buyers in constant need to satisfy their feelings. Marketers get into the target customer’s shoe and familiarize with their feelings.

This chart from shows how different industries are reaching customers at different emotional needs.

Well, all that said, we all agree that retailers and service providers are benefitting from our emotional needs and most importantly that; there’s nothing wrong with it. Buyers are pushed by emotions, even if they come up with rational reasons to back their claims. And while you can also use tricks like fun ads and adding sexy pics to sell your product or service, these alone can’t earn your customer loyalty. Only empathy can foster enduring consumer-brand rapports.

How Retailers are Missing the Point

However, some marketers are too desperate to convert a visitor to a buyer that one trip to their website and leaving your personal details with then can ruin a customer’s ecommerce experience.

So, the marketers come suggesting possible solutions to the problems the shopper went seeking answers for and somehow landed on their site. The only problem; some of these suggestions and assumptions are wrong, invalid and even offensive— which can ruin the user experience.

The best merchants seek to solve problems and build trust with these ads, yet making rash decisions can be insulting to buyers and portray your brand as desperate for money.

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